Goshen News, Goshen, IN

September 1, 2013

GC campus a buzz as students move in


— GOSHEN — A red mini-van pulled up in front of Kratz Residence Hall at Goshen College Saturday.

It was moving-in day for incoming freshmen.

The college’s new academic year begins this week.

Jackson Bush, a junior, and Quinn Bernneke, a senior, helped pull a large, cumbersome couch out of the mini-van. They preceded up a stairwell to the third floor of the dorm with the brown leather couch — and stopped in front of the room.

“The couch is a little bigger than the doorway, by about a half-inch,” Brenneke said, laughing. “We are using our college genius to get the couch in the door.”

An assembly line of athletic students carrying items in laundry baskets to unopened boxes of dorm-size refrigerators and handfuls of clothes on hangars waited behind Bush and Brenneke on the sidewalk in front of the residence hall. Someone even used a long cardboard tube to transport hanging clothes from their home to the dorm.

“The athletic teams help move-in on freshmen day. It’s a tradition and I’m part of the cross-country team,” Brenneke said. “This is just some of the challenges of moving-in day.”

Paul Zehr, a sophomore resident assistant, carried a black storage tote filled with a couple backpacks for another new fellow student.

“I like it all. We are working for the same purpose,” Zehr said. “There’s a lot going on for the new students and everyone works together.”

Down the hallway, Carrie Shetler was helping her son, Dalton Shetler, rearrange the dorm furniture to make room for all his belongings and his room-mate that hadn’t moved in yet, either.

“You know how moms are, we have way to much stuff (in packing),” Carrie Shetler said, while Dalton shook his head. The family had traveled from Spencerville to Goshen College.

Another set of parents, Robert Kurtz and Heidi Kauffman, was waiting for help in moving their son, Stuart Kurtz, into the dorm. The moving-in day brought back memories to Kauffman, a Goshen College alumnus.

“This didn’t happen when I was moving in here. I had brought way to much stuff,” Kauffman said, smiling. “This is awesome.”

However, she knew the time would soon arrive when it was time to say goodbye to her son.

“I’ve been slowly getting ready and packing over a couple months to lessen the impact,” Kauffman said. “I am in complete denial. I’m sure I’ll cry as soon as I leave.”