Goshen News, Goshen, IN

September 24, 2012

FiveCore Media sees success in first year of operation at Goshen College


— GOSHEN — Armed with cameras, microphones, dollies and light bounce boards, the students of FiveCore Media on Goshen College’s campus are seeing success on- and off-campus.

The video production company, which launched just over a year ago, has seen campus and professional clients, and continues to grow in number of students involved and number of projects completed, according to executive director Seth Conley.

“Our goal with FiveCore is to train students professionally, and to prepare them for the professional setting,” Conley said.

With last year’s win of both Television and Radio School of the Year from the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters, a first for Indiana, Goshen College’s communications department is attracting more students, Conley said. FiveCore Media is also gaining attention, and students are traveling and working all over the U.S.

“Our students are competing with students from the best schools and winning,” Conley said.

Students are beginning to give longer looks to Goshen College’s film program in part because of FiveCore, he said.

The design of the program was loosely based off Anderson University’s on-campus production company, but Goshen College’s program differs because of its emphasis of both on- and off-campus projects for students, Conley said.

FiveCore general manager Kyle Hufford leads the day-to-day production of the company. Hufford said that the students, while still learning the ways of filming and video production, are professional in their actions and what they produce.

“The FiveCore leadership staff (made up of five paid student employees) are all upperclassmen,” Hufford said. “As students, yes, they’re fresh, new and have a lot to learn, but that can be a benefit. They work hard to learn the business and bring in fresh ideas. It gives us (the instructors and adults involved) energy, too.”

Hufford spent time in the film business, but decided to return to education last year. He said FiveCore gives students opportunities they may not receive in a traditional classroom setting.

“Here, they’re doing real projects for real clients,” Hufford said. “This is demo reel material.”

The projects have been numerous over the last year, according to both Conley and Hufford, and they will continue to grow.

“We had a choir that we filmed,” Hufford said. “There is one recording company that loves to record at Sauder Concert Hall, and they brought in a choir. The choir wanted a behind-the-scenes video shot while they were recording, and we handled that.”

Hufford said many departments on Goshen College’s campus, as well as IU Health Goshen Hospital, have used the production company’s services.

“We’re pleased with the response during our first year on- and off-campus,” Hufford said. “It was only by word of mouth, and we secured local, in-town clients. The goal for this year is to find a wider experiences, a wider client base for our students.”

Kate Yoder, who graduated from the Goshen College film program in May, is now the apprentice for FiveCore Media. She said she welcomes the experience, especially when so many college graduates in film are having trouble finding jobs in the field.

“It’s been perfect here,” Yoder said. “I still get to be involved with the students, and I still get to learn on a daily basis.”

Yoder said this job differs from other film graduate jobs because she’s doing a lot of hands-on work. For most film graduates, the first years are spent as production assistants, who don’t get a lot of time spent directly involved in production.

“With FiveCore, we learned how to network, how to work with clients and how to act in a business meeting,” Yoder said of her undergraduate experience last year. “This is not something you learn in a classroom.”