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May 9, 2014

'Heroes' museum adds Captain America prop

Hall of Heroes museum adds Captain America movie prop

By SAM HOUSEHOLDER sam.householder@goshennews.com
Goshen News

---- — ELKHART — Elkhart has a new piece of Hollywood in it.

The Hall of Heroes Museum, located at 58005 C.R. 105 in Elkhart recently acquired a Captain America shield used in the 2011 film “Captain America: The First Avenger” and autographed by the cast of the 2014 sequel “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and the television series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Allen Stewart, owner and curator of the museum said that he and the board of directors bought the shield at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) last month. Stewart had first tried to buy the shield, without autographs, at an auction at the 2012 C2E2.

Last month at this year’s C2E2, Stewart had tried to purchase the comic with the first appearance of Batman but the seller sold it before Stewart had a chance.

He said he was walking around the convention disappointed and upset when he found the shield.

“This guy had this huge autograph booth and in the center he had this (prop) in this case and people were looking at it and were drooling over it and stuff,” Stewart said. “I recognized it because I was at the auction originally.”

The owner, who had gotten the item autographed by the casts, was reluctant to sell but the man was familiar with the museum because of its appearance on the Travel Channel series Toy Hunter. Stewart said they were finally able to agree on a price.

“You could basically buy a car for what we spent on that, but it’s awesome,” he said, without revealing the final price.

“It’s a huge piece of Hollywood memorabilia, (and) of course we got the classic stuff, the Greatest American Hero costume, we got the original Batman costume, for the old school fans, but we really wanted to get something from the new Marvel movies,” Stewart said.

“The shield is probably the most iconic and recognizable prop, so to me, not just because we have it but if I could choose any Marvel prop I think I would pick the shield,” he said. “It’s not only a prop from one of the Marvel movies, it’s probably the greatest prop.”

The museum will be hosting a Marvel 75th anniversary celebration on May 31 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

At that event patrons can hold the autographed Captain America shield and get a picture with it for a $5 minimum donation. The donations, Stewart said, will go to restoring and preserving the museum’s Captain America number one comic book.

The museum is available for tours by appointment by calling 574-522-1187. For more information on the Hall of Heroes visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hall-of-Heroes-Super-Hero-Museum/54673733796.