Goshen News, Goshen, IN

October 15, 2013

Goshen board approves Dutchmen paving plan


GOSHEN — Goshen Board of Works and Safety members Monday approved a request by Dutchmen Manufacturing officials to allow the company to deviate from the city’s typical paving standards. Company officials want to pave a new employee parking area near Eisenhower Drive with recycled asphalt surface, rather than new asphalt.

According to Ken Jones of Elkhart-based consulting firm Jones Petrie Rafinski (JPR), Dutchmen Manufacturing is in the process of remodeling and improving its facilities at its Caragana Court manufacturing campus. Jones indicated such new improvements include a new industrial facility, stormwater drainage improvements, additional employee parking and demolition of existing obsolete buildings — all of which is intended to improve the operational efficiency of the site.

“The site is undergoing some significant changes right now,” Jones said of the property. “We’re trying to bring the site into compliance with the city of Goshen’s stormwater standards, so we’re adding and developing additional stormwater features, and then closing out some others, probably making the site much more efficient in terms of circulation and use.”

As part of that process, Jones said, there is a significant amount of asphalt being removed from other areas of the site as part of the ongoing development — asphalt the company would like to recycle as a paving material for the new employee parking lot.

“The material that we’re going to be using to surface this employee parking area is actually material that is being generated on site,” Jones said. “This is recycled asphalt that is being milled off of other areas as the new storm sewer and retention areas are being developed on the site.”

As added incentive for the request, Jones noted that it would likely cost the company $93,000 to pave the planned employee parking area with new asphalt, while using the recycled asphalt will likely only cost the company about $8,500.

Abby Wiles, assistant planning and zoning administrator for the city, said the only issue Goshen officials might have with the request is if the company was not able to stripe and delineate the new parking lot, as it would with a new asphalt surface.

In response, company representative Bob Pettit said that as far as he knows, there should be no problem with striping the recycled asphalt surface, as it has a finished surface very much like regular asphalt.

“The material lays out very well,” Pettit said. “Once you run a roller over it, you get a nice, smooth surface. I think with a little bit of management and some care, we can go ahead and stripe this with paint much like you would a regular parking lot.”

The Board of Works agreed, and a motion was passed to approve the request for a paving variance with the added condition that the new parking lot must be stripped.

Other business

In other business, the board:

• Approved the promotion of Jason Miller to the rank of EMS captain for the Goshen Fire Department retroactive to Oct. 7.

• Approved the promotion of Matt Whitford to the rank of paramedic sergeant for the Goshen Fire Department retroactive to Oct. 7.

• Approved a Goshen mechanical license request by Greggory J. Wein, 3111 Upper St. Joe Center Road, Fort Wayne.

• Awarded a $98,470 contract to Niblock Excavating to install a buried fiberoptic conduit connecting the Goshen Police Department, Fire Department, Central Garage and Street Department with the Elkhart County fiberoptic network.

• Approved a $4,850 contract with Gasoline Equipment Service Co. Inc. to disassemble three automotive lifts at 308 N. Fifth St. and reinstall them at the city’s new Central Garage at 320 Steury Ave.

• Approved a contract with JPR for professional survey work for the NIBCO property at 701 Eisenhower Drive and the surrounding easements. Cost of the contract is not to exceed $6,435.

• Approved a change order for the Central Garage Expansion project involving a decrease to the contract in the amount of $16,512, bringing the total amount of the contract to $811,919.

• Approved a change order cost increase to the Jefferson Street Reconstruction project in the amount of $33,213, bringing the total cost of the project to $509,913.

• Approved a change order cost increase for the 2013 Paving Project in the amount of $25,716 to allow for the additional milling of pavement and resurfacing in Colonial Farms along with additional ADA curb ramps where required. The increase brings the total cost of the project to $212,242.