Goshen News, Goshen, IN

March 27, 2014

Westview Indy-bound after pep rally


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GOSHEN — It was loud, it was colorful, it was fun. And that was normal for a Westview High School pep rally.

Thursday afternoon the Westview community gathered in the school’s gymnasium, affectionately knicknamed “The Warriordome,” to give their boy’s basketball team a hearty send-off to the state 2A championship game.

“Westview is an awesome place because of you guys,” said Principal Rich Cory as he stood at center court in front of the Warriors.

Cory’s remarks were repeated by parents and fans who turned out to wish the boys well before they boarded a bus to head to Indianapolis.

Steve Aspy had a seat in the front row at courtside. He son Chandler is a junior forward for the team. Asked about Chander’s expectations before going up against top-ranked Park Tudor in the 2A championship game Saturday, Aspy smiled. “He’s not nervous, that is for sure. They are ready and confident. They are going to go play the best they can and hopefully the outcome is what they want.”

Aspy and other parents had arranged some fun for the team and students at the pep rally and he was looking forward to it.

“The parents are going to do something that’s going to make them blush,” Aspy said.

The “something” was a dance routine featuring faculty and parents that had the student body laughing and cheering. The routine was a hit, but the cheers were even louder when the boys who serve as lifters for the cheer squad turned out in shorts and work shirts to dance to “Macho Man” by The Village People.

Jamar Weaver is a senior forward on the team. Thursday he was anchoring the line of chairs across the court set up for the team.

“I will miss my teammates and coach and especially the fans in the community,” he said about his pending last game as a Westview player.

Weaver was busy trading high-fives with Westview students who lined up to wish the team luck. The student body kept the team busy, asking for autographs on school books, hugs and giving them words of appreciation and encouragement.

“We are very lucky to have that,” Weaver said of the fan support. “When we go to an away game we know we are going to have a bevy of fans there supporting us. We have taken it for granted, but its awesome.”

Rich Stultsfus and his wife Heidi were in the crowd. Their son Jordan is a lifter for the cheerleaders. Two other sons attend Westview High School and a daughter is in the junior high.

“It always brings tears to our eyes because for such a small school there is support from community,” Rich said. “ We are glad our kids go to school here.”

Rich said many of the players have grown up together and they have spent time at his and Heidi’s home.

“These kids are like family to us,” he said.

Coach Rob Yoder was a proud man Thursday. He was looking ahead to the state championship game, but he did not forget the sixth-man, the fans. He noted that about 2,500 Westview fans made the trip to the semi-state game last Saturday at Huntington North.

“It was really good,” he said of the loud and enthusiastic send-off. “And typical of our fans. It is (Westview) a special place to be at and play basketball at.”