Goshen News, Goshen, IN

October 28, 2012

Pickwick Village residents strive to keep neighborhood nice


GOSHEN — The Pickwick Village Neighborhood Association, formally recognized by the city in 2005, is listed as one of the oldest neighborhood associations within the city of Goshen.

First developed in 1985, Pickwick Village is a subdivision located close to the intersection of Wilden Avenue and C.R. 18 consisting of approximately 77 single family homes, 17 condominiums and one commercial building.

The association’s mission statement reads: To consider and deal with those matters involving or affecting the desirability of Pickwick Village as a place to reside and to secure cooperative action in advancing the common purposes of the members of the association.

“We’re not the most active neighborhood association, but we do try to keep things up so they look nice for the whole subdivision,” said Ellen Turnock, secretary for the association. “We try to do projects, and we always have an annual meeting. Then the board also gets together a couple times a year to discuss things that need to be done. For example, we just painted the wall out front. So it’s mostly just things to try and keep up the neighborhood.”

In discussing quality of life in the neighborhood, Turnock referenced the area’s diversity of ages as a real selling point.

“One of the areas is mostly older people, retired people, and the condos are mostly retired and single people,” Turnock said, “Then my husband and I, we’re senior citizens, but we’re surrounded by kids, from the very young all the way up to high school age, and we just love it. So it’s a real mixture of a lot of different age groups, and it really works out well.”

Turnock was also quick to praise the neighborhood’s relatively low traffic and crime rate.

“I’ve lived here for nine years, and I think it’s a pretty safe area,” Turnock said. “Of course, people that have break-ins and killings, they always say it