Goshen News, Goshen, IN

February 12, 2014

Goshen, Middlebury under freeze warnings

Goshen News

---- — Two communities are under freeze warnings until further notice.


Due to the extreme winter weather and constant cold, Goshen’s water utility customers have begun to experience frozen water services at residential and commercial properties, according to city officials.

The water utility staff has identified the frost line beneath the pavement to be 4.5 feet deep, causing water lines to freeze and in some cases, break. The Goshen Water Utility has issued a systemwide freeze warning until further notice.

All residential and commercial water utility customers should leave their water run, at a single cold-water faucet, located inside their home or business. The water should be run in small stream the size of a pencil lead. Running water is less likely to freeze, according to the utility staff.

All customers who leave their water running as a preventive measure may contact the utility business office at 533-9399 to receive a billing adjustment from the date the business office is contacted until the final day of the freeze warning. Customers who notified the office will have their water and sewer bills adjusted.

Customers who experience loss of water service or a slower than normal water flow due to a frozen water line should contact the water utility maintenance department at 533-5306.


A freeze warning continues for the town of Middlebury and is expected to last into March. All water customers, homes or businesses using the town’s waler supply system should be running a small amount of water from a cold water faucet to help keep the water flowing and prevent freeze up of underground water lines, according to town officials.

The water should remain running ail the time even if the outside temperature rises. Rising daytime temperatures coupled with freezing at night causes frost to go deeper into the ground, freezing water service lines, town officials said.

Customers should call the town office at 825-1499 to request a water billing adjustment for the freeze warning time period.

Also, town officials are asking for assistance from residents and businesses owners in clearing snow off fire hydrants and not parking on the streets when it is snowing. Vehicles parked on the streets during a snowfall make it difficult for snowplows and emergency vehicles to get through. Currently, the town public works department is focused on removing snow from intersections to improve visibility and access.