Goshen News, Goshen, IN

July 25, 2009

Rise’n Roll, Middlebury

New bakery in Middlebury

The Rise’n Roll Bakery has arrived in Middlebury, ready to cater to carbaholics.

Located at 1065 N. 1150 West, the new bakery got its start from the front porch of a local Amish couple’s home, and has since evolved into a full-scale bakery and deli specializing in breads, pies, cakes and other baked goods.

“We are a general bakery and deli that was Amish-owned up until about a month and a half ago,” said Tom Hart, general manager of the new bakery. “The young Amish couple who originally owned the business baked goods out of their own kitchen and then would sell them right off of their front porch.”

The business is now fully stand-alone with a new building and new owners. Hart said the old-world Amish charm that gave the original business its name is still evident in every aspect of the new bakery, right down to the Amish cooks in the kitchen.

“Myself and one other girl who works at the deli are actually the only ones still working here that are not Amish,” Hart said, noting that the original owners are still heavily involved in the new bakery’s day-to-day operations. “When the time came to expand the business again, the original owners decided they had pushed it as far as they could while living within their Amish faith.

“So now, to allow it to expand, they chose to sell so that the business could continue to grow to its full potential,” he said.

And grow it has, offering everything from a deli to doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies, cakes, pies and breads.

“We have a full-line deli, where you can get sandwiches, salads, biscuits and gravy in the morning, things like that,” Hart said. “We also have a lot of unique breads and goodies that we have a following on, and since we’ve moved out to our new location, we’ve expanded our offerings to things like container and bulk foods as well.”

Rise’n Roll also features cashew crunch candy.

“We’ve developed a candy here that has become one of our specialties. It’s similar to a peanut brittle, but not quite,” Hart said. “It’s actually gotten quite a following throughout Chicago and the greater metropolitan area, and Hudsonville Ice Cream, based out of Holland, Mich., has actually developed a new flavor of ice cream where they use our candy in the making.”

Called Chocolate Cashew Bark, Hart said, the new ice cream flavor appears to be quite a hit with the public, as it has already been picked up for distribution in Walmart stores nationwide.

“It seems to be going over pretty good,” Hart said with a laugh.

With so much success experienced in so short a time, Hart said, it is the bakery’s strong Amish heritage coupled with an emphasis on customer satisfaction that has helped keep the business grounded.

“We put an extreme emphasis on our employees that the customer needs to be valued, so that’s our philosophy here at the bakery,” Hart said. “We also give out a lot of samples, because it has always been our belief that if you make a very high-quality product and can get it out to the public, the product will sell itself.”

Kathy Duthler, a big fan of the original bakery owners, traveled all the way from Grand Rapids, Mich., to get a taste of what the new bakery has to offer.

“It’s just marvelous,” said Duthler of the new bakery. “I’ve followed them since they first started baking out of their own home. They’re all lovely people. Every time you talk to them they’re just very personable, and now they offer lunch. So it’s just great. We’ll definitely be back.”

Duthler’s friend, Bonnie Tosh, also of Grand Rapids, Mich., agreed.

“We’ve come to the Shipshewana area every year for the past 20 years to shop and enjoy the countryside,” Tosh said. “I’d visited their original business once before, but this is my first time at the new place, and it’s just wonderful.

“I will definitely be back, and I’ll be sure to spread the word to my friends in the meantime,” she said.

While the bakery is now officially open to the public, a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony has been scheduled for Aug. 6 in order to formally introduce the bakery to the community.

“The grand opening will also continue on through Friday, Aug. 7,” Hart said.

For those who can’t attend the grand opening, regular business hours for the bakery are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.