Goshen News, Goshen, IN

October 10, 2012

Thanks for supporting fair trade

— On behalf of the Bunyaad Oriental Rug Program at Ten Thousand Villages, Ephrata, Pa. and the 850 artisan families that we work with in Pakistan, we thank the greater Goshen community for a wonderful 19th Fair Trade Oriental Rug Event hosted by Ten Thousand Villages 206 S. Main St. in Goshen (Sept. 29).

This event helps to provide employment with a living wage to adult artisans in Pakistan who knot Oriental carpets within their homes. This year the rug artisans are especially challenged by the rising costs of food and other necessities of living. Every rug sold at this event gave a job with a living wage that will help sustain the artisans during this difficult time. The greater Goshen community was not only supportive in their purchases of these pieces, all crafted by fairly paid adults, but also in their willingness to help promote this special event. We thank the local businesses and individuals who have helped to promote this event by hosting brochures and posters. Thank you for this kind reception and for supporting fair trade and making a difference in the world.

— Dede Leister

Bunyaad Oriental Rugs at Ten Thousand Villages

Ephrata, Pa.