Goshen News, Goshen, IN

November 4, 2012

Pray for our leaders

— Who should Christians vote for? Obama-Biden? Well, not if they’re socialist, atheist and Muslim.

As part of his socialist agenda, Obama wants to redistribute all the wealth. Plus, he wants government to control our lives. Maybe I’m slow on the uptake, but no one has ever explained how this works. Government control? Nowhere does the law say we have to be gay. Nowhere does the government say women have to have abortions. Nowhere.

How do Christians interpret Lev. 25, where God tells the theocracy to observe the Year of Jubilee? This is where God commands that one’s possessions be returned to them. Is God stifling the entrepreneurial spirit of the Israelites?

Mitt Romney is a devout Mormon. Many consider this to be a sect, or a cult.

This leaves Paul Ryan, right? He claims to be influenced by Ayn Rand. I’m no expert, but if we take a glance at her philosophy, objectivism, questions arise for Christians.

Rand rejects any supernatural beliefs or of any forces beyond our control. To me, she is rejecting the very basis of our Christian faith. We believe Jesus lived, died and arose from the grave, certainly a supernatural “phenomenon.”

Not only that, but the idea of praying to someone like Jesus would seem to be rejected by Rand.

The idea of doing something good just to do good is rejected by Rand. Maybe Jesus charged a coin for each of his healings.

If this were spewed by liberals, we would hear of secular-humanism. But since Rand does promote capitalism, it must be OK then.

The question for Christians seems to be how do we interpret Peter 2:13-16, submitting to government? Or Romans 13, where God appoints the government?

Whether we vote for “them” or “us,” we are all called to pray for our leaders.

— Brian Hartman