Goshen News, Goshen, IN

September 5, 2013

No more war, Mr. President

— Mr. President: Heed the call of war-weary Americans — “No U.S. air strike on Syria.”

“Teaching a lesson,” is equivalent to a decade of war in Iraq resulting in more than 100,000 deaths and a trillion-dollar expenditure. The violence continues.

There are other options:

• Work at ridding our own streets of violence where 12,000 deaths occur yearly.

• Do the non-violent hard work of which you spoke so eloquently during Dr. Martin Luther King’s recent commemoration.

• Consider the persistent call of conservatives to cut excessive spending. Wars require trillions of dollars, and that is excessive spending.

• Follow the Prince of Peace where revenge is replaced with love of neighbor. Expanding killing fields is an unhealthy way of teaching people not to kill.

I respect your leadership, Mr. President, and believe you have the strength to change your mind as the American people call for, “No more war.”

— Ellene Miller