Goshen News, Goshen, IN

February 20, 2013

The ‘undocumented’ shouldn’t have more rights than veterans

— This is in response to Jose Alvarez’s letter regarding immigration (The Goshen News, Feb. 14). The key point that Mr. Alvarez and Sen. Carlin Yoder are missing is that no one is trying to prevent “undocumented” (as in, came to or reside in our state/country illegally) from getting an education. On the contrary, HEA1402 assures that “undocumented” immigrants don’t receive unfair discounts in education that legal residents pay taxes to earn.

Once the “undocumented” immigrant becomes a citizen, only then are they entitled to the benefits of citizenship of a state or country, like lower-cost tuition. Until then, the bleeding hearts need to stop giving everything to those who choose to be here illegally and show more concern for our veterans who defend our rights, instead of breaking them.

Jobs and other services are given freely to those who are here illegally, but denied to many who have given so much for our country. It’s these people, and our grandchildren, who we should be looking out for.

— Bob Clarke