Goshen News, Goshen, IN

March 29, 2013

No ‘taxpayer’ cost legislation

The Goshen News

— Some types of legislation that can be passed do not need to negatively affect the federal or state budgets directly as far as increased spending. Oil companies continue to make record profits that do negatively affect other businesses with higher fuel costs that must be absorbed or passed on.

If we require all filling stations to provide compressed natural gas (C.N.G.), compressed hydrogen, electric vehicle recharging stations and E-85 in order to continue to sell gasoline and diesel fuels and stay in business, the oil industry can afford to finance this with the excess profits it is already making. Such legislation would make alternative fuels universally available, which would improve the market for and the development of alternatively fueled and even  multiple — fueled vehicles.

Alternative Fuels already exist and it is important to the economy overall to make them available to those who wish to use them and possibly bring down the cost of transportation.

— David A. Shepard