Goshen News, Goshen, IN

March 22, 2013

Reader disappointed with jet crash coverage

— The front page of today’s (Monday, March 18) paper seems a perfect commentary on the priorities of The Goshen News editorial staff, and what they believe the priorities of their readership are these days.

Yesterday, there was a plane crash “in our own back yard” in which two people were killed. Yet the front page of the paper’s lead headline? ”IT’S BRACKET TIME.” Also above the fold was an article about winter guard, and in second flow position was an article about show choirs. While all of these were local stories, produced by local correspondents, the jet crash was also a local story. Yet The Goshen News chose to run a wire version of the story in the lower left corner of the front page.

Does The Goshen News not have any real “news” reporters on staff? Even if you must use a wire story, are brackets, winter guard, and show choirs all more important, more newsworthy, than an extraordinary event like a jet crash? Or do you have evidence that the average reader of your paper doesn’t really care about such things, and would rather worry about their office pools?

— Woodrow Windischman