Goshen News, Goshen, IN

June 7, 2013

Be proud of the Goshen Redskins

— We can become riled up about various things and the Redskins idea for change is really one that I believe should be very low on the totem pole of problems or suggestions to take issue with.

I graduated from the Wakarusa High School and we were the Wakarusa Indians. I had heard that Wakarusa was an Indiana name meaning, “Knee deep in mud.”

The Indian or Redskins have been a wonderful background for us. I see them as a measure of pride in our American history. Please, do not get caught up in an argument that has very little significance in the really huge day-to-day issues we are living with.

I am proud of the materials that has Wakarusa Indians on it. I would wish those of the Goshen High School to be as proud of the Goshen Redskins.

— Rosealene Long