Goshen News, Goshen, IN

August 9, 2013

Congress lags while Obama achieves goals

— The unlucky 113th Congress is stuck, stubborn and stagnate. It is the least productive House of Representatives in living memory. Even less productive than Harry Truman’s “Do Nothing Congress.” It has been more than 200 days and still no jobs bill, according to Democrat Nancy Pelosi. It has been more than 125 days since the Senate passed a budget and still no conferences or regular order to fix the $91 billion difference.

With the government shut down looming in less than two weeks, the laziest Congress on record with the least legislative days worked since January 2013 is performing slow, sloppy and stiff-necked. The budget, immigration reform and gun safety bills languish. The farm bill has not gone to conference. Only five of 13 appropriations bill have passed the House. The speaker is under siege from his own party to prevent progress.

However, the Obama Administration has achieved goals, including 12 quarters of positive GDP growth. Today we have record-high profits for corporations with more than $2 trillion on their balance sheets, as well as record federal revenues. Market indexes are also at record highs. Troops are coming home. Private sector job growth over the past 40 months has created 7.2 million jobs.

The annual deficit has been cut in half in five years. Renewable energy has doubled. Innovation and research has been matched and doubled with $100 billion in private equity. An infrastructure bank with private equity has been developed. Education, innovation and infrastructure are on the agenda.

Congress should make America open for business, not squeal and repeal.

— Charles Mumaw