Goshen News, Goshen, IN

August 8, 2013

Lack of crowd control made fair concerts disappointing

— I have been attending concerts every year at the Elkhart County Fair for 14 years. I have always liked being able to see the shows and interact with the fair staff and know security is doing their job in keeping the stage free and clear for everyone to see.

Unfortunately, this year concerts at the fair were very disappointing, despite the fact that fair officials say these shows were very successful due to the sold out status.

I did not like the way the large crowds ran toward the stage on the nights that Florida Georgia Line and Hunter Hayes performed. I always felt it was OK to stand up at an outdoor concert during the fair as long as they stood in the spot their ticket stated to be in. This year, people ran from all over the track to stand in front of the stage. Did their ticket state for them to stand in the aisle in front of the stage blocking the view of others to see as well as standing on top of chairs?

It was sad seeing Fanceon Resler, senior fair queen, leave the concert because others were standing directly in front of her.

OK, maybe Florida Georgia Line requested that people can stand in front of the stage. Did that give them the right to stand and block the view of senior citizens? What was the excuse for the Hunter Hayes concert? The statement made in the July 28 edition of The Goshen News about security complying to the request of Hunter Hayes that the crowd be back further was false. The crowd was worse than Florida Georgia Line and security did nothing.

I will always attend country concerts at the fair. I hope next year they do a better job with security.

— Harlan Hite