Goshen News, Goshen, IN

September 14, 2013

Those who stand for Biblical truths should speak up

— I am responding to an article published in The Goshen News Sept. 5 stating that Megan Robertson has left her job as an organizer for the Republican Party and is putting all her energy and resources as campaign manager for the new Freedom Indiana coalition. This organization has been developed to fight for “gay rights;” in other words, marriage between same-sex individuals.

This goes against the Biblical truth that marriage was created for one man and one woman and I, for one, want my voice to be heard for that truth. We, who are against the amendment, must write, e-mail or tweet our state representatives and governor to let our voices be heard. I believe those who stand for biblical truths have been silent too long. We were silent when God was taken out of the courthouses and out of our schools, and when abortion was legalized.

So, let’s wake up from our self-induced comas and rise from our padded pews and make a difference. I encourage all who stand for the biblical truth that marriage is between one man and one woman to please, do not be silent any longer. Let’s stand united and stand for truth.

— Joanne Mast