Goshen News, Goshen, IN

October 2, 2013

Will you stay true to tax caps?

— I have some thoughts for anyone who voted for (Indiana’s) Constitutional amendment to place a cap on property taxes: Were you serious in positively not allowing your property tax to ever exceed 1 percent? Were you serious in telling all who depend on property taxes for their income to learn to live within their means? Do you realize that the referendum for funding the school swimming pool is simply a way of adding a tax above the cap?

As I see it, for you to stay true to your commitment, you are obligated to vote “NO.” Check the wording of the referendum. It reads, “increase the property tax rate.” In fact, I question its legality as it violates your Constitutional amendment.

I voted against the constitutional amendment but will vote “no” for another reason. My retirement “nest egg” is invested in commercial rental buildings. Your Constitutional amendment already allows them to be taxed at 3 percent. This referendum would simply add a tax over my 3 percent cap. So, instead of costing $3.09/month (as advertised), it will cost me more than that every single day for the rest of my life. I will receive no benefit from the project. It’s just not fair.

— Carl Van Gilst