Goshen News, Goshen, IN

October 25, 2012

Too many hoops to jump through in Goshen

— Having jumped through all the loops and hoops of codes, a permit, an appeal and fees to have a simple, low, freestanding, wooden deck built over a bare area under my maple tree, I am convinced there is a point at which genuine concern for safety and proper construction becomes only a facade and bureaucracy, power and control.

Does the knowledge and experience of those in the trade and common sense, really have to bow to inane regulations and meaningless detail? I’m talking about a wooden, freestanding deck, not a 250 square-foot addition to my house. I do not expect what I write here to have any effect for change or initiate less control. Those in it will only snug up their bureaucratic cloaks and continue right on in their power and enforcing their frivolous demands. Washington D.C. blesses you.

— Lester Chupp