Goshen News, Goshen, IN

October 25, 2012

The only thing you have fear is another four years of Obama

— Scared of the Tea Party, Dr. (Donald) Blosser (Letters Oct. 12)? Surely you jest,

But since the future of the United States and the world is in question, this is not a subject to joke about.

What frightens you about the Tea Party, Dr. Blosser? Perhaps your fears of the Tea Party would be eliminated if you would educate yourself about its philosophy and its goals for this country, which are as follows:

• The return to limited, constitutional government

• Having a federal government that lives within its means

• Reining-in out-of-control government spending

• Reducing and gradually eliminating our sky-rocking national debt

• Regard and love for our children and grandchildren by stopping addition to a mountain of debt that will suffocate them

• Reducing government regulations, which are hindering new businesses to begin and thrive

• Having a government, which once again, deserves the respect of the world.

• Having honest, open, God-fearing leaders leading our country.

Dr. Blosser, these are the realities that should scare you:

• 23 million unemployed or underemployed Americans

• 47 million Americans on food stamps

• 5.5 million homes in crisis/foreclosure

• $5.5 Trillion of new debt

• $716 billion in medicare cuts

• $2.6 trillion for Obamacare

• $1.9 trillion in new taxes in Obama’s budget

• Gasoline prices going from $1.86 when he took office to now, $4 in some parts of our country

• The world being a much more dangerous place

• The United Nations gaining more and more control of our lives, such as taxing the internet.

So rest assured, Dr. Blosser, you have nothing to fear from the Tea Party, Mr. Romney, and/or Mr. Ryan. However, you and I should be terrified of even the thought of another four years of the present administration.

— Ruth Mark