Goshen News, Goshen, IN

October 19, 2012

A forester is important to Goshen

— Goshen City  Councilman  Tom Stump’s proposes the elimination of our city forester position from Mayor Allan Kauffman’s proposed 2013 budget. This would directly  and negatively affect much of the beauty of our tree-lined streets.

The Goshen Tree Board’s responsibility is, by city ordinance, to plan and provide advice for the care of our urban forest. It does not do the actual work of planting trees, nurturing trees and then, as needed, removing aging trees.

The city forester arranges for or personally provides that care. And our current forester has the unique ability to lead and educate our school students in the outdoor classroom of Goshen’s woodlands.

A suggestion: If and when reduction in city service funding is required, state the amount for each department and let the director or superintendent be responsible to decide which positions or line items will be affected.

— Don Minter