Goshen News, Goshen, IN

June 5, 2013

Feel proud, not guilty regarding Redskins mascot

— As a 1959 graduate of Goshen High School, I am offended that the school corporation feels that it must cave in to those who “might be offended.”

Since when does having a mascot that represents Native Americans have to be considered bad?

I think that having such a mascot represents the honor and respect that we have for such people who were the first people to live in our land. These people are not the ones who attempted to push us out and initially reject us. If those that are offended remember it was the Native Indians who helped the first Pilgrims and taught them how to survive the cold winters in their new land and how to raise crops here and live. It was the white man that pushed them out of their lands and caused them to rebel and react, thus killing the intruders and starting wars that ultimately drove the Native Americans westward and into restricted lands.

We should honor them, not cave in to those who only want to appease their own guilt and will complain about everything to gain attention to themselves.

It is my desire and opinion that Goshen Community Schools should stand up to those who reject our Redskins mascot and be proud of our heritage and continue to be the home of the Redskins.

GO Redskins.

— Keith Yoder