Goshen News, Goshen, IN

February 27, 2013

Close gun show loopholes

— In response to recent letters to the editor about guns, it would seem as though there are some laws that are still needed — those having to do with gun shows. The Brady Act does not cover unlicensed dealers such as those at gun shows. According to the Sunday Chicago Tribune (Feb. 17), Indiana gun shows are responsible for more guns brought to and sold on the Chicago’s streets than elsewhere in Illinois and the four other boarding states combined.

Indiana gun shows do not require:

• A background check

• A waiting period

• A record of transaction

The same old, “don’t-pass-another-law-enforce-the-ones-we-have,” song is well known. If the laws we have aren’t working, why? Loopholes in gun show laws need to be fixed.

— Judy Ann Kidd