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January 24, 2014

LETTERS FOR JAN. 24, 2014: Obamacare is working for readers

Goshen News

---- — Everyone is complaining about how bad Obamacare is — the website, the coverage, etc. I will agree that Obamacare is not perfect and has a lot of things that still need to be fixed. However, for someone who was not eligible for health insurance coverage prior to Jan. 1, 2014, due to pre-existing medical conditions that made obtaining coverage marginal at best and prohibitive premiums we could not afford, it has been great. My husband and I were not able to obtain health insurance coverage through our employers as we both work for small companies.

I waited until just before the deadline to apply for Obamacare to be eligible for coverage to begin on Jan. 1 Because I was not comfortable using the website, I telephoned and spoke to a representative who walked me through the application process. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and I was only on the telephone for two hours.

I also knew what plan my primary care physician would accept, which helped the process. My husband and I did receive financial assistance with the premiums for the plan that we chose, which was the Silver Plan. We are able to afford the premiums without robbing Peter to pay Paul. Since Jan. 1 I have had four different prescriptions filled, which I previously paid for full-price, out of pocket. We saved more than $400.

I know that not everyone will have this same return we have. However, I am glad for Obamacare and have told everyone I know who has been hesitant about applying to at least try it. They may be surprised by the results. I know I was.

So, thank you, President Obama, for your health care plan. It is working for my husband and I.

— Barbara Bradbury


High school athletes set a Christian example

I almost missed three little but incredible paragraphs as I scanned an article (The Goshen News Jan. 18) about the Northridge vs. NorthWood high school basketball game. Writer Greg Keim described it as a contest that lived up to its hype, “and then some.” But to me, the most amazing thing about the event was reported on page. 2: “After the game both teams formed a circle at center court and stood arm in arm.” I actually referred back to the first page, to make sure I was reading the correct conclusion to the article.

Northridge junior Tom Morrison was quoted, “We said a prayer thanking God for the opportunity we had to play. Tanner Farmwald (NorthWood senior) initiated it.” Northridge coach Ronnie Thomas explained that many of the members of these rival teams are friends from playing AAU basketball together.

We love to praise athletes at all levels in our society for their agility, brawn, intelligence and winning records. But I want to praise Tanner Farmwald, Tom Morrison and their teammates for rising above the nastiness that can pollute sports and for taking a stand for their faith in a public place. I also want to go on record as one who is incredibly grateful to live in a country where we don’t fear for our lives if people know we are Christians. Remain bold, young men, even when your faith comes under attack.

— Sarah J. Yoder