Goshen News, Goshen, IN

October 6, 2012

Obama is for all Americans


— Are you better off now than four years ago? The real question is who do you want to lead our country? Do you want a man who said 47 percent are looking for handouts, don’t pay income tax and won’t take responsibility for their lives?

How insulting for retired, low-income, middle-class and service people that wait on Romney.

A party that thinks our country will go down the drain if our president is re-elected is a party full of hate.

You need to watch “2016 Obama’s America,” a conservative film that tells you if Obama is elected we will have no future.

It is a one-sided, boring film that only Obama haters would believe. Micheal Moore’s films were humorous arguments from the other side. I know, I’ve seen them all.

Our president is for all Americans and is in touch with all Americans — the poor, the middle class, women and minorities.

Wolorski and Murdock complain that Mullen and Donnelly supported Obama Care. In my opinion it’s great.

— Royal Rock