Goshen News, Goshen, IN

May 30, 2013

Maybe Obama should look to Nixon’s fortitude

— About four and a half years ago, when Barack Obama started announcing his choices for cabinet and other appointments in his administration, I commented in a letter to the editor that this administration was starting out as the most corrupt in our lifetime. Today, I stand by that assertion.

Anyone who pays any attention to statements made by Obama, or almost any of his appointees or close associates, should be able to detect exaggerations or outright lies on a regular basis. Obama continues to state that he either doesn’t know about an incident or just recently found out about it.

Have Obama supporters given any thought to what would happen if a CEO of a large company such as BP or Enron, when asked about a recent critical incident, would state that, “I didn’t know about it,” or “I just found out about it,” even though it had been discussed within the company weeks earlier? Needless to say, he would not be the CEO for very long. Is it too much to ask that the CEO of our country (the president) be held to the same standards?

If we had a Republican president with the same scandals that are surrounding Obama, the Democrats would be screaming for his impeachment, or at least his resignation. Whenever any hint of scandal rises involving a Democratic politician, their party circles the wagons in an attempt to protect him or her. Hillary Clinton’s accusation that the case against her husband was a “right wing conspiracy” is a good example. I never did hear an apology from her.

In spite of Richard Nixon’s shortcomings, he had the fortitude to resign for the good of the country, not at the urging of the Democrats, but from his own party. This is something we never see from Democrats.

— James Gunn