Goshen News, Goshen, IN

May 24, 2013

Remember the amnesty law of ’86?

— The “Gang of Eight” U.S. Senate members have drafted an immigration bill that’s worse then the amnesty bill signed into law by Ronald Reagan in 1986. S. 744 gives those here illegally instant Registered Provisional Immigrant status, which means they are free from being deported if they register for amnesty.

Before there’s any increase in immigration law enforcement, 11 million immigrants here illegally will be given work permits and the ability to apply for a Social Security card. Ken Palinkas, the president of the union representing the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that processes immigrant applications, has come out against S. 744.

 Mr. Palinkas stated, “The culture at USCIS encourages all applications to be approved, discouraging proper investigation into red flags and discouraging the denial of any applications. ... USCIS has been turned into an ‘approval machine.’ ”

We have to realize when the people in charge of handing out our immigrant visas are against this new immigration plan it has to be a real bad piece of legislation. S. 744 includes a new guest worker visa that will bring in thousands of workers even though we can’t provide enough jobs for our own citizens.

It’s time we make our voices heard. Call Indiana Sens. Joe Donnelly (202-224-4814) and Dan Coats (202-224-5623) and tell them no more amnesty and to vote against S. 744.

— Greg Serbon

state director, Indiana

Federation for Immigration Reform  and Enforcement