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December 12, 2013

LETTERS FOR DEC. 12, 2013: Giving helps those in need

Goshen News

---- — I think we need to donate to charity so people who don’t have enough money can be happy. Reason: They need enough money to celebrate Christmas. We want people to have a great Christmas.

People need food to survive and warm clothes to thrive. If you donate food, people won’t starve. If you donate warm clothes they won’t get frostbite, as a result we’ll all be happy. Last of all, there’ll be one more warm, not-hungry family.

In the end, we all deserve to have a happy Christmas. If you remember, donating food to people in need will help them not starve. If you donate money, everyone can get something new for Christmas. Isn’t that exciting? Christmas is the day happiness should be the only feeling. That is why you should donate.

— Isabella Schleining

Fifth-grader at West Goshen Elementary School

Do what’s right this Christmas, help kids

It’s the time of year to spread some joy and cheer. Kids in hospitals and all around the world have diseases that are probably affecting their bodies. We need to do something about this now. We need to make them feel a little better so they can have a memory of all the things they have done in life.

Another reason is that it will make them feel happy and more confident. One way we can do this is by making jewelry for them that says inspiring words like “hope,” “love” and “truth.” Also, we could give stuffed animals and toys to the little boys and girls who are horribly sick and books to the boys and girls who LOVE to read. They will be sooooo happy.

In addition, we can also volunteer for “Make A Wish.” It will let kids do what they wish to do. They can see a superstar they want to see or go on a vacation.

So let’s do what’s right and help these kids by Christmas Eve night. These kids will have the confidence and braveness of a lion. That’s why we should help out kids in need.

— Kayla Strong

Fifth-grader at West Goshen Elementary School

The Bible still works

With the Obamacare website failing, there is a site that is not. You will find it in the Bible in the book of James 5:13-16. It is not outdated, nor does it say to used as a last resort. If Americans would give as much thought to their spiritual health as their physical health, our nation would function much better.

— Erv and Elma Bontrager