Goshen News, Goshen, IN

December 11, 2013

Letters for Dec. 11, 2013: Tax cut will cripple schools

Goshen News

---- — I was amazed to read the article on the front page of the Goshen News (Dec. 6) regarding the Republicans in Indianapolis proposing the elimination of personal property tax on business in Indiana. The article states that this would eliminate over $1 billion in school revenue for the schools in Indiana.

The Republicans claim that this will make Indiana more competitive in attracting new businesses to Indiana. They don’t have any idea how many companies might be enticed to locate in Indiana and neither do I. There are already thousands of businesses in Indiana and they mostly seem to be doing OK with our present tax structure.

Why would the Republicans give a $1 billion tax cut to the potential possibility of attracting new companies at the expense of our school systems? The politicians always give lip service to the school system and how important it is to the future on Indiana and yet they propose to cut $1 billion from their budgets. The Republicans have already cut the school tax revenue through the property tax caps and don’t propose any new source of revenue for our schools.

If I were thinking of relocating my company I would think hard and long about a state that is willing to severely damage a school system in the hopes of attracting a few new jobs.

The choice is, do we bet on attracting additional companies in the short term or do we bet on the quality of education for all of our children over the long term?

If you agree, please write to our governor, your state senator and state representative to tell them that they have their priorities wrong and that the education of our children is the most important item on the political agenda.

— Gary Van Buren


Talking won’t help, Mr. President

The President has now announced that he will concentrate on fixing the economy and inequality in our economy. That inequality has worsened during his rule as the Federal Reserve has pumped money into the economy that has helped the wealthy, but done nothing for the middle class.

He might start by apologizing for stopping oil drilling for over a year in the Gulf during the BP oil spill. Maybe he could also reverse the reduction of oil drilling (down 14 percent) that has been put into effect in federal-controlled land. Or, he could instruct the EPA to stop the “war on coal” that has closed coal mines and closed coal-fired power generating plants. Maybe, we could even repeal the Dodd-Frank act that has led to closing many small banks due to the increased regulations. He might even approve building the Keystone Pipe line (20,000 additional jobs).

The president also recommended easier rules for unions organizers and that would lead even more companies to move to Mexico. His appeal for raising the minimum wage will not help, for economist David Neumark estimates that “every 10 percent increase in the minimum wage reduces teen employment by 1 to 3 percent” (black teen unemployment is 35 percent).

Or, we could repeal Obamacare, which right now is the biggest impediment to our economy. This former community organizer has no idea of what to do to help our economy and his talking about it is not going to help. Let’s hope we can throw this bunch out soon.

— Keith Snelson