Goshen News, Goshen, IN

November 27, 2013

Letters for Nov. 27, 2013

Goshen News

---- — Today as I worked in a local clinic, I met someone legally blind in both eyes due to cataracts, a disease easily taken care of with surgery. This person is fighting with our government, trying to get on Medicaid so that this surgery can be done and he/she can become independent again. Instead of being a productive part of our society, this person is having to be taken care of. We are behind most of the world when it comes to healthcare for all.

As a doctor I am embarrassed and angry to be living in a country that won’t figure out how to get healthcare for all. If this person lived in Canada, Germany, Sweden, Australia, France, England, Japan, China, Kuwait, Spain, South Korea, Slovenia or even Cuba, (there are a lot more) he/she would have better access to care. This is so wrong, a tragedy.

The easiest way to have healthcare for everyone is to set up a public system. We’ve done it with education. We have acknowledged the value of everyone getting an education. It’s important for the well being of our society. The same is true for healthcare. Many in our land are just a sickness away from bankruptcy. Yes, we are the only industrialized nation in the world where illness can cause bankruptcy. We also spend more on our healthcare than any other country in the world, yet don’t have universal care like they do. Why? The greed, power and control of 1 percent has huge consequences for the rest of us.

Please DEMAND healthcare for all.

— Rod Kaufman, OD


Small businesses, employees can’t afford ObamaCare

We have heard and read many things regarding the ACA, Obama­Care regulations. As one of the owners of a small manufacturing company located in Warsaw, I want to show you a real example of what is happening to businesses and their employees. People can shout the accolades of ObamaCare and find an example of success here and there, but our 48-person group is taking an average 91.74 percent increase in premiums from 2013 to 2014. My only conclusion for this incredible increase is President Obama’s flawed health care law.

The media is talking about individual plans being canceled, but group plans are in danger as well. Companies and their employees cannot afford the group premiums. Below are a few examples taken from the actual renewal notice.

Greg — $257.13 in 2013 to $610.11 in 2014; Jeff — $257.13 to $848.61; Randall — $379.42 to $1,002.84; Jack — $379.42 to $1,137.06; and Janet — $379.42 to $1,002.84

I will be happy to provide a copy of my renewal to anyone who wants to see it.

A 91.74 percent plan increase? Thanks for your leadership, President Obama.

— Bruce Korenstra

New Paris

Humane Society fundraiser is a success

The 10th annual Furry Friends Fashion Fair was held Nov. 7 to benefit the Humane Society of Elkhart County. The Humane Society wishes to thank all of the volunteers who helped coordinate and carry out the event, including the community folks who modeled the wonderful fashions from Stephenson’s along with their furry companions. We’d also like to give a big five-paw salute to event sponsors and contributors, and a howl and meow to the attendees who shared this evening event with their friends and family.

Approximately $21,000 was generated through this effort to help carry out the important work of the Humane Society. We thank you again and appreciate the love and dedication to animals at the shelter.

— Anne K. Reel

Executive Director of the Humane Society of Elkhart County, Bristol