Goshen News, Goshen, IN

May 10, 2013

Sheriff has this reader's support

— This letter is in defense of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and in response to Shari Mellin’s letter (The Goshen News, May 8) about Sheriff Brad Rogers not obeying the laws related to anti-gun legislation. By the way, the law referred to in the letter is not law yet and prayerfully never will be. Please know it would behoove anyone to know the sheriff personally and who he is attempting to protect in many ways.

There are many sheriffs in this country who are unwilling to allow the Constitution to be ripped apart by politicians and to be altered to their personal advantage. Background checks have been in existence for many years. We know what the term “extensions” will lead to. Criminals, by the way, don’t get their guns legally through checks, so even the existing laws don’t keep guns out of their hands. I fully support Sheriff Rogers in his decision.

— Jerry A. Myers