Goshen News, Goshen, IN

February 6, 2013

GOP is a friend to workers

— I’m tired of the rhetoric (repeated lies) that says Republicans outlawed unions in Indiana.

What the Republicans did was to give individuals a right to get a job, notwithstanding any contract between a union and an employer. They did not outlaw unions. Unions should (and do) have the right to strike. They should not have the right to prohibit me from working because of their spat.

I have yet to hear a “worker’s rights” advocate complain that all public school teachers in Indiana were forced to pay dues to a union that uses those funds to heavily support the Democratic Party. The state of Indiana entered into a contract with a labor union that forced Republicans to subsidize the Democratic party. That doesn’t bother you?

Who would have ever thought that the party of the workers’ rights would be against right to work?

The thugs are not the individuals who simply want to get a job without getting caught up in your “breath holding” or paying for “protection.” The thugs are those who fled to Illinois to shut down Congress when they couldn’t block the voice of the people.

— Steve Maierle