Goshen News, Goshen, IN

January 23, 2013

Community center traffic would undo the money, effort put into trail safety

— I am grateful for the millrace underpass at Ind. 119. The public dollars were considerable, and the result is a superb public benefit — increased safety for walkers, runners, parents with baby strollers, bicyclists, including Goshen’s youngest bikers, our children. Drivers benefit too; nobody wants to be part of an accident. People of every age and size use the millrace path for free exercise and recreation. Car-free public space is a precious and valuable resource.

What a paradox that a small group now wants to use public funds to construct a large vehicle bridge at the north end of the millrace to put cars and even school buses on the millrace — the very same path where taxpayers invested public funds to separate vehicles and foot traffic for common sense safety reasons.

I’ll wager that the current proposal to build a large brick and mortar facility, spacious parking lot, and heavy vehicle bridge originates with people who do not bicycle, run or walk along the millrace. Similarly, many who objected to the underpass costs were not well acquainted with the risks of mixing pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles on highways, or the benefits of commuting and recreation by walking and bicycling.

— Phyllis Stutzman