Goshen News, Goshen, IN

January 18, 2013

Shouldn't government be spending less?

— Recently, reading articles about proposed projects, one $35.6 million project and the Fidler Pond project, I question, is government to be involved in these projects? Aren’t we to be decreasing taxes?

Yes, we are to have faith, but in God. With a $17 trillion debt looming over our heads nationally, shouldn’t we be saying “no” rather than “yes?” Our forefathers depended on God, not man’s ways for survival.

Locally we have several fitness centers, therefore enough opportunities to get fit physically.

With the college closing their fitness center because of lack of funds to maintain their pool, I question where our priorities are.

Some churches have fitness facilities where you can build healthy relationships while exercising. God is also restoring individuals, teaching them life skills as well as moral principles, not relying on government support.

There are better ways to invest money than a building for a few for most can’t afford the memberships.

God calls us to be good stewards of our monies, as we will be accountable.

My desire is to see the shift for students, not to strive to reach the top of the ladder, but to be content at the middle of the ladder. In order to be successful, we would be wise to put more emphasis on the Bible as our main textbook to seek the difference of God’s kingdom and the world’s.

Your relationship with Jesus is more important than silver or gold as he will supply all your needs. Are we missing the true message?

— Serita Miner