Goshen News, Goshen, IN

January 17, 2013

What are we leaving our kids?

— Imagine parents going further into debt each November as they say sweetly, “We want our children to have a nice Christmas this year.” If they never paid it back, who would inherit that indebtedness? Democrats seem to be playing out that scenario with our children’s future.

Even if we taxed the wealthy at 100 percent of their annual incomes it would only fund government at current spending levels a little over one week. It would do nothing to pay down our national debt.

The bill Joe Biden brokered offers $1 in spending cuts to $40 in increased taxes. The appropriations bill for Hurricane Sandy victims passed by the Senate was so laden with “pork” that Republicans in the House could not pass it in good conscience.

Someone said the Democrats were the “adults” in the room at a recent fiscal deliberation. (Syndicated columnist) Donna Brazile made too many derogatory comments about Republicans to count in her Saturday column. The president himself, ridiculed Sen. Paul Ryan in his State of the Union speech for the budget he proposed — something Sen. Harry Reid has not done in over three years, and he has refused to bring a stack of budgetary measures to the Senate floor for open debate that passed in the House. It seems adults should be resolving problems not making them worse.

In her column, Ms. Brazile wrote: “A majority of House Republicans still wanted us to plummet into the financial abyss,” after her skewed account of how the failed deliberations of House and Senate leaders had played out. I think we have already plummeted as a result of out-of-control government spending, borrowing and regulatory practices that are destroying the prospects for real economic recovery. We are putting our children’s financial future at risk.

— Peggy Garcia