Goshen News, Goshen, IN

December 28, 2012

Criticism from center is really from the left

— I have duly noted Joe Lehman’s missive regarding our sheriff’s membership in a group that Joe thinks is questionable.

So in the same vein, may I also point out that Joe’s closeness with the Southern Poverty Law Center group is very leftist?

No surprise there.

The very group that Joe uses as an example to castigate our sheriff is the very group that has authored writings that have appeared in the Communist Party USA’s newspaper “People’s World.”

This controversial, liberal organization has been criticized in the mainstream press for being extravagant in its spending, and using charges of racism to stifle conservatives.

My support is with our sheriff, Brad Rogers, who took an oath to support and defend our Constitution.

Joe can construe the facts however he wishes — but considering the source I will opt for a professional law enforcement officer’s expertise over Joe’s leftist leanings any day of the week.

Thank you, Sheriff Brad, for your service and dedication.

— Mick Slater