Goshen News, Goshen, IN

June 19, 2013

Cyclists should respect road rules

— During the annual (Pumpkinvine) bike ride (from Goshen to Shipshewana on Saturday) there were hundreds of people riding around on back roads. Many were risking their lives from not knowing the rules of the road. Some were riding their bicycles out near the centerline two and three wide. Many ran stop signs. With the lack of law enforcement in LaGrange County patrolling and ticking bad drivers for speeding and passing on hills where you can’t see oncoming traffic, it’s a wonder no one was killed during the ride.

Sure there were cops blocking traffic for cyclists at certain points, but they should have been out patrolling and writing tickets to some of these bikers. The law has come down on the Amish about (poor cycling habits), but it seems tourists are above the law.

The same could be said about tourist traffic in Shipshewana on flea market days as motorists routinely drive and pass in the buggy lanes and pull out in front of oncoming traffic.

There is one thing you rarely see on flea market day — a Shipshewana cop.

— Chad Bush