Goshen News, Goshen, IN

April 12, 2013

Definition of marriage a legal issue, not a moral one

— In regard to Greg Sell’s letter about the marriage business (The Goshen News, April 5), lets be clear here. This gay marriage issue before the courts is about what the legal definition of marriage is, not the moral issue.

Facts are that marriages already have many tax advantages built into our tax code, including things like Social Security and estate taxes. I see a lot of people saying “respect each other’s opinion.” I agree. But that implies that your morals allow you to be tolerant of others views. That is a good thing. Sell’s comment of “start your own church” would suggest he is tolerant of others’ religions or the topic of marriages. Legally, though, the determination needs to be made if things like Social Security benefits, estate taxes, marriage tax breaks, health care, etc, are strictly defined as man and woman.

If your morals allow you to tolerate and respect others opinions and religions, then your decision on legal matters concerning money and health care need to be similar. If not, then I would suggest re-examining your morals. If you’re withholding equal protections to different types of unions based on moral tolerance, then you have problems.

— Corey Stewart