Goshen News, Goshen, IN

September 28, 2012

President Obama’s action show Islamic sympathies

Recently I watch footage from 9/11 and my anger was stirred again. It’s a major problem for me where America is in relationship to the extreme sect of Islam that attacked us on Sept. 11, 2001, and are doing terrorist activity on almost every continent every day.

Yet we have a president who plays around with Iran and wants to dialogue with them while they’re building a nuclear bomb and have threatened to destroy us.

The Obama administration wants to refer to these global Islamic terrorists as something else, but not terrorists — something more gentle while they’re waiting in the shadows for our guard to be down so they can attack again.

Our troops face these beasts every day who have no problem killing our guys along with men, women and children. Yet Obama chose to give these captured combatants civilian trials with lawyers here in the U.S. at our expense instead of military tribunals.

Mr. Obama has been appointing judges to courts across America that promote "Sharia Law." Do you know what that is? Sharia Law is the law in Islamic states, including Iran, where women are treated like cattle, gays are killed and adulterous wives are stoned. Recently a Christian pastor was released who had a death sentence for being Christian.

People, so much goes on under the radar with Obama that the media won’t touch. You hear all the time about "separation of church and state." I believe Obama’s hosted may functions at the White House observing/celebrating Islamic observances. Tell me why would one act toward extreme Islam in the ways I’ve listed above? My belief is that he is one of them.

Obama has done so much to destroy our way of life he should be tried for treason. America can’t stand four more years in my opinion.

— Stephen Miller