Goshen News, Goshen, IN

September 28, 2012

Know what candidates stand for

One of the most important elections is just a few months away and I urge the residents of Goshen and its surrounding communities to know your candidates and what they stand for. You can research this in different websites, including the Indiana Family Institute, Advance America, Family Research Council and the American Family Association.

Let me explain what "A Republic for Which We Stand," is. The United States of America is a republic where in the rights of minorities are protected against the will of the majority. In fact, the majority are protected against their own desires that may be thee quick product of mob hysteria or the hypnotic power of a silver-tongued orator.

If you would like more understanding on what our country stands for and how to save our republic, please visit www.sagamoreleadership.org.

— Serita Miner