Goshen News, Goshen, IN

October 24, 2012

Goshen needs its forester

— After working in urban forestry for the state of Indiana for 23 years, and after visiting hundreds of municipalities in our state, you could say I have a multide of varying experiences in care, maintenance, and needs of the urban forest.

A city the size of Goshen requires the services of an urban forester to maintain a heathy urban forest for public safety, economic vitality, and environmental health.  The trees in the urban forest are the only part of urban natural resources that touches all aspects of citizens lives and the lifeblood of the city. This vital resource cleans the air we breathe and the water we drink.   

It takes the full-time professional services of an urban forester to maintain the health of the urban forest and to make sure it keeps growing and thriving. Without a professional to work daily with the urban forest, the city will have more risk trees, which will pose a hazard to structures, pedestrians, and vehicular traffic. This could be anything from a hanging limb, to a pest and disease infestation, to trees blocking traffic signs. A professional urban forester, such as you have now, knows what to look for to keep the public safe and to ensure the urban forest has species and age diversity.

A professional urban forester knows how to apply for, and write successful grants to expand budget dollars, in order to insure that the city is safe, has a thriving tree canopy that demonstrates economic vitality, and how to select the right tree in the right place and plant it in the right way.

Goshen, what could be more important to the Maple City than clean air, clean water, economic vitality, and public safety?  The continuation of the position of the city forester helps ensure a better Goshen.

— Pamela Dunn-Louks

Cicero, Ind.