Goshen News, Goshen, IN

October 13, 2013

Are we a ‘Christian nation’ or not?

— The disdain Congress has for the American people just makes me sick. In the weeks leading up to the shutdown Congress knew that services and jobs would be affected. Their claim that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would do the same is their interpretation of the facts.

There’s no denying a shutdown would immediately cut services and jobs. Yet Congress continues in its threats when President Obama called their bluff. To save face they had to shut down the government. Now they’re trying to fund programs they cut and blame Democrats for not going along with them. They have chutzpah!

To me the question is, “Why didn’t the free market address the problem of access?”

Congress is perceived as corporate shills. Perhaps that is why their approval ratings are so low. Remember the bailouts? Obama was criticized for restricting the banker’s salaries to a mere $500,000. Obviously Congress has more important matters like real welfare recipients who make a fraction of that.

Recently Congress cut $40 billion from food stamps and about 1.5 percent of the cases were abused. Again, perception is key. The “defunders” don’t seem to want Americans to have affordable health care. Either that or they are so anti-Obama they can’t even allow any of his policies a chance to succeed.

How many “defunders” are Christians? How do they interpret Paul’s command to submit to the government in Romans 13:1?

God’s grace is free to all, yet we encourage our “Christian nation” to favor the rich and powerful. Where in the Bible do we find God saying he favors the rich over the poor and weak?

— Brian Hartman