Goshen News, Goshen, IN

September 6, 2013

Murder charges send bad message

— While reading The Goshen News, I decided to try and get my voice heard (with a letter) since I don’t have a computer and didn’t vote in the online poll (Aug. 25 — Did three Elkhart County youths deserve a murder conviction for the death of their friend during a robbery attempt in Elkhart?).

I guess the jury was within the letter of the Indiana law, but something is just wrong here. I don’t feel the teens deserve a murder conviction. We all know that to murder is to take a life. These teens did not murder anybody. This is sad and troubling to me. The Indiana law is without common sense in this matter and should be changed.

It is sad one life was lost in this crime. I don’t think (the deceased) was forced to participate. What is the law saying here? Was he responsible for his own death? Did he commit suicide? If so, how can others be charged with his death?

Use common sense, Indiana. Let’s change this law. A lot of people feel the same as I do in this matter.

(Elkhart County Prosecutor Curtis Hill) stated he was trying to send a message by the charge and conviction of felony murder. The only message I got was three teens’ lives are destroyed in the name of the law.

— Dee Cavender