Goshen News, Goshen, IN

August 25, 2013

Council president should be city’s deputy mayor

— I very much support Mayor Kauffman in his request for a deputy mayor to automatically fill in when he is out of town or unavailable for any reason. I’ve experienced this in Alaska when a reporter let the world know that my wife was home alone. Fortunately, our police department provided the extra protection to secure our home.

The big question is, “Who should be deputy mayor?” Our federal and state governments clearly have someone in place to take over when needed. A vice president or lieutenant governor are in place when and if needed. They are elected officials who have earned the support of their constituents. I certainly feel this responsibility should go to someone elected by Goshen residents, not a hired city employee. I also feel this should not be a political appointment of someone favored by the Mayor to replace him when he retires.  This leaves only one logical choice for “Deputy Mayor”.  It should be the next highest ranking elected official in the Goshen city government. That is the president of the City Common Council. 

— Carl Van Gilst