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June 4, 2014

Walorski has led on vet issues

Goshen News

---- — Walorski has led on veterans’ issues

U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski has been a leader to make sure that our veterans receive the best care and benefits. Recently even more issues with the Veterans Administration have come to light, and I know Jackie understands that our veterans deserve only the best care and has been working on this since being elected.

As a member of the House’s Veteran Affairs Committee, Jackie is investigating reports that shed light on 13 wrongful deaths in Indiana, 40 veteran deaths waiting for care in Phoenix, and many other cases where veterans were deprived of or delayed in getting the care they needed and deserved. Thanks to Jackie and all of her hard work, we will sooner be able to put an end to the mistreatment at the VA and improve the system.

Thank you Jackie for supporting our veterans by seeking answers from those whom we trusted to take care of them.

— Dave Chillberg


Volunteers fix roof on park house

Self-employed Goshen construction contractors came together as volunteers to put a new roof on the house in front of Fidler Pond for the Goshen Parks and Recreation Department. The effort was organized and led by Goshen City Councilman Jeremy Stutsman. Jeremy and his wife Maija own Lofty Ideas LLC, a commercial and residential remodeling company. Other contractors who volunteered their time were Alfonso Jimenez (Kaltak, LLC), Dana Miller (Dana Miller Design Solutions), Dale Klassen (Klassen Construction) and Jim Brubaker (Brubaker Construction). The project was assisted with a $500 donation toward materials cost from Drs. Chad and Danielle Stutsman, owners of Stutsman Family Dentistry.

We are so thankful for the free labor from several skilled contractors, and for the financial assistance from Stutsman Family Dentistry. The house is scheduled for refurbishing in the fall of this year. The plan is to utilize the house as a welcoming center to the city of Goshen, however with current summer workload, we didn’t know when we’d be able to stabilize the house.

The blue tarp on the roof certainly wasn’t the most attractive view from U.S. 33. So I was most happy when Jeremy Stutsman volunteered to assemble some contractor friends to do the project.

— Goshen Park and Recreation Superintendent

Sheri Howland