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June 1, 2014

LETTERS FOR JUNE 1, 2014: Full spectrum of gender

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---- — Full spectrum of gender

Love and marriage are frequently used words in political and religious discourse in attempts to exclude “other” human beings from their pursuit of happiness. As the song says, “love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage.”

The word love is a very important word to accompany marriage. The word sex is often associated with love. We use the words sexual orientation when gender orientation could be used to remove the sex act when combined with love. I hope all will become aware of the biological reality that genetics are an uncontrollable fact of life. In other words we are all born into a full spectrum of gender that affects our gender orientation.

Now, add the word love to that, and I ask — “how can anyone say, you should not or can not love or marry another human being?”

— Ned Kauffman


Racist tradition continues in Goshen

Having read the article where NFL team executive Bruce Allen responded to a letter from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid by stating that the Washington team mascot is “respectful” toward Native Americans, I felt compelled to respond. Mr. Allen used the very same ignorant reasoning that many here in Goshen have used in the past to refuse to acknowledge the reality that the Washington NFL team and Goshen High School mascot are vicious racial slurs.

The term carries the same connotations for Native Americans as the “N” word carries for African Americans. It does not really surprise me that so many support the GHS mascot racial slur. I have heard enough people use the “N” word in Goshen over the years to come to the realization that (the Goshen community) is horribly racist. ...

One would hope that the people who are in charge of educating our children would care more about diversity and racial sensitivity than a racist “tradition.” Pathetic.

— Ron Chupp