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May 21, 2014

LETTERS FOR MAY 21, 2014: Sheriff Rogers stands up for what he believes

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---- — Rogers stands up for what he believes

Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers has been getting a little bit of backlash of his recent trip to the Cliven Bundy ranch in Nevada. I think we need to set the record straight. First, the sheriff went there on his vacation time, no tax payer money involved. Second, the sheriff went there not as a Republican, not as a Democrat, but as a concerned citizen to voice his opinion on defending the U.S. Constitution.

There has been, in my opinion, a total disregard and disrespect by our federal government in regard to what the U.S. Constitution stands for. Sheriff Rogers went to Nevada to voice his opinion on defending the Constitution and not to defend the so-called deadbeat Bundy as some people have indicated.

Sheriff Rogers did wear his uniform, but I also wore my military uniform when traveling from one place to another. Sheriff Rogers expressed his opinion about what he believes is government overreach. I and many others share his belief. He did not express that this is the opinion of Elkhart County or even the state of Indiana.

I am so sick and tired of politicians from whatever party affiliation demeaning anyone who dares to speak out on the trampling of the U.S. Constitution. I believe that Sheriff Rogers, who is a Republican has done a fine job as the Sheriff of Elkhart County. I also believe that there are some Democrats who are doing a fine job.

Ladies and gentlemen, we must continue to elect to public office people like Sheriff Rogers who are willing to stand up and defend our Constitution or we are going to lose it all.

Good job Sheriff Brad Rogers. I and many others are proud of your stand. We need more like you.

— Roy “Nick” NicholsGoshen

‘Malcontents’ should

be happy with sheriff

I was happy to see Rob Chupp’s letter (The Goshen News, May 15) regarding Sheriff Brad Rogers.

I am disappointed that we have malcontents who apparently did not learn the lessons on sharing that I am sure their parents tried to teach them. Why would anyone take offense at someone attempting to give comfort and encouragement to the oppressed? And why should a good elected official not encourage another elected official to do the job to which that person was elected?

I suggest you quit being selfish and be happy we have one of the very few honest politicians. Sheriff Rogers did not squander tax money unlike many others in politics. He also took his own vacation time to make the trip, unlike many others in politics.

— Keith HoffmanGoshen