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April 23, 2014

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---- — Concord residents have stake in school system

There are some residents in Concord Township who feel that the Concord schools referendum does not impact them because they do not have children enrolled in the school system. I would suggest that, in addition to providing a quality education for our community’s future leaders, there is a more immediate and direct impact of this referendum for anyone who is concerned with their property value.

One of the most important factors in calculating a property’s value is the school system in which that property is located. Property values are directly tied to the reputation and desirability of a school system, whether or not a property owner actually has children enrolled in that school system. Over the years, I have seen many homes advertised as “in Concord schools.” Clearly, that has been a major selling point, as it is often the first line in the ad.

If we don’t approve this referendum by agreeing to a modest tax increase today, the quality of Concord schools will decline, along with property values. I believe it’s in everyone’s interest to invest in Concord schools — for our children, our community, and yes, for ourselves.

— Pam HluchotaGoshen

Family thankful for support

The family of Kaylee Rasnake would like to thank everyone who came out and supported her benefit with Kaylee’s Kidney Ride April 12.

With the Millersburg ALR Legion Riders the turnout was fantastic with more than 150 bikes. We started out in Millersburg went to Middlebury American Legion, then to Bristol American Legion.

She will have the kidney transplant as soon as Riley Hospital for Children finds a donor to match. Family and friends are being tested.

God bless you all for helping make it all possible. A special thanks to all the American Legions ALR riders for making this all possible.

— Roxanne AnnisLigonier