Goshen News, Goshen, IN

November 2, 2012

Cequent about to make a mistake

— Cequent Towing Products has been in Goshen for many years, that is, for now. We are the more than 350 union folks who have helped make Cequent a successful, strong business. A year ago it was successful to the tune of more than $350 million. Apparently that is not enough for Cequent. We have been informed that the plant may close and go to Mexico.

Six months ago a line we helped develop (two years ago) and negotiate a wage for, went to Mexico. Guess who trained the people who would be taking our jobs? We did. Cequent told us these jobs would stay here in Goshen, in the U.S. This was the promise they made to us and the city of Goshen. They made that promise to the city fathers and asked for an abatement and got it. Cequent said it would crate good jobs for the community and invest the savings back into the plant. Well, they did. They invested and then sent part of the work to Mexico. Now they want to take their toys and move it all out of the country that helped them be what they are today, a prosperous U.S. business with a productive union work force.

We feel that leaving is the wrong decision. Many of us have spent most of our working lives here and our families are here. Cequent may make more money elsewhere, but at what cost? Our friends, our families and the businesses in this town will all suffer from this decision. As Americans, we deserve better, as working families we should get support now that we are in trouble. As taxpayers who aren’t getting any relief, we want to know when our jobs are gone, will we get an abatement from the city, too?

— Brian Wilson, president

On behalf of United Steelworkers Local 9550